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Dora Lewis


Dr Moods hails from a Caboverdianas background in Chellas, a suburb of Lisbon. Widely recognized as one of the most effective DJs on the dance floor, Dr Moods exudes class and is an artist based in Barcelona. He started his vinyl journey at a young age of 14, and his love for music led him to become a skilled vinyl digger. He took his passion for music to new heights when he moved to London at 17, where he immersed himself in daily record digging and music sharing with friends, while also indulging in clubbing.

His talent led him to Brooklyn, New York, where he wowed audiences with his mega mixes of old disco hits blended with new drum-machine percussion at crucial clubs and VIP private parties. After a few years, Dr Moods relocated to Barcelona, where he continued to DJ at house parties while also composing music for Movies, TV commercials  & Fashion Shows. He then founded the HOUSE MUSIC ESSENTIALS music podcast, which remains a force in the industry to date.

Dr Moods has almost two decades of DJ experience and has headlined some of the most prestigious events in club culture. He continues to define musical trends rather than follow them, making his mark on electronic music by being pure and open to any genre.

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