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Dora Lewis



This is a truly special set for Dr.Moods, this set was recorded in he’s beginnings us a professional dj, is actually the only old set he have found after the lost of all he’s music, at the time Dr.Moods dj name  was Dj MJNC,

This set was recorded in the spring of  2001, in Brooklyn / New York, in a rooftop party on a Sunday afternoon.
the tape was lost and found no long a go.
i hope you enjoy the classics selection,

House Music Save My Life p#2
(vinyl recording )

House Music Save My Life p#2 (the lost tape)

Step back in time and witness the early beginnings of the renowned DJ Dr. Moods, then known as DJ MJNC. This is a truly special set, as it is the only surviving recording from his early days as a professional DJ. It was discovered recently, after being lost for many years.

Recorded in the spring of 2001, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn, New York, this classic set was played at a rooftop party. The atmosphere was electric, and Dr. Moods’ skills were on full display as he mixed and blended a selection of timeless tracks.

This vinyl recording is the second installment of Dr. Moods’ “House Music Save My Life” series, featuring classic house tracks that have stood the test of time. From start to finish, this set is a journey through the sounds that defined an era of house music.

So sit back, relax, and let Dr. Moods transport you back in time with “House Music Save My Life p#2 (the lost tape).” It’s a true gem that will have you dancing and reminiscing all at once.

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