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Dora Lewis




🔊🌍 Afro Tech Expedition Unleashed! 🚀✨

Prepare to embark on a thrilling Afro Tech journey with our latest episode! Get ready to be swept away by the pulsating rhythms and electrifying beats as we present a meticulously curated selection of tracks that push the boundaries of traditional African sounds with cutting-edge tech vibes.

🎶 Tracklist Highlights:

  1. Dive into the hypnotic groove of “E(Art)H” by Enoo Napa, a track that sets the tone for an electrifying adventure through Afro Tech.
  2. Surrender to the hypnotic rhythms of “ETHNOCIDE” (Coflo Remix) by Tomahawk Bang, a track that pulses with raw energy and intensity.
  3. Feel the irresistible pull of “Strings” (Beats Mix) by David Morales, a track that weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound.
  4. Let the infectious beats of “Drummotions” (The Mike Dunn Movement Mix) by Caiiro propel you into a state of pure euphoria.
  5. Lose yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of “Makukhanye” (Ralf GUM Remix) by LevyM, featuring Lizwi & Benjy, as it transports you to a higher plane of existence.
  6. Groove to the hypnotic sounds of “Mi Gente” by Diaki, a track that captivates the soul with its infectious rhythm.
  7. Surrender to the deep and soulful vibes of “Sure Thing” (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix) by St Germain, a timeless classic reimagined for the Afro Tech era.
  8. Feel the pulsating energy of “Soca Soca” by Oscar P as it ignites the dancefloor with its infectious groove.
  9. Dive deep into the hypnotic beats of “Necessity” by Rampa, a track that pulses with raw energy and intensity.
  10. Conclude your Afro Tech expedition with the atmospheric sounds of “Sentiment” by Andreas Sam, a track that leaves you longing for more.

🌟 Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge sounds of Afro Tech music, where tradition meets innovation.
  • Experience the raw energy and pulsating rhythms of Africa’s rich musical heritage.
  • Let the music ignite your passion and take you on a transcendent journey through the depths of sound.

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