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Dora Lewis



The Original Afro House Music Experience, Exquisite Musical Selection, Top Performances & And a Stunning Visual Show. 

LINE UP: Dr.Moods, Bjerk Peterson, Mr.P

From 11.30pm until 3am: Bunzu with DJ session and unexpected performances.

With an impressive cocktail bar, a curated wine and spirit selection and a sophisticated but unpretentious cuisine based on an à la carte menu devised by the hotel’s chef partner Sebastián Mazzola, Cabaret offers a fully dimensional gastronomic experience inspired by 1970’s Barcelona and iconic cities behind the birth of the Cabaret concept, New York and Paris.

New BUNZU @ Cabaret Editions Hotel

BUNZU Movie for you

Indulge in the mesmerising African house beats that will transform our exclusive supper club into a dynamic dance floor.Finally Gain exclusive access by joining our VIP list or by making a reservation for dinner or a VIP table starting at 11:30 pm. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary BUNZU Movie event! Secure your spot now by registering for our guestlist or booking your reservations through the provided link.

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